Pietro Viero's innovative design takes shape and creative strength through the ancient blown glass processing. Specifically, the creative path of this technique begins by making a glass tube malleable through a torch powered by gas and oxygen. Once at the melting point, the starting piece is modeled into a cylinder with two thin tubes at the end. By heating the material several times with the necessary foresight to intervene before the liquid glass returns to its original solid state, the master models the shape of his creation by blowing into the barrel with a free blow or with any interventions through graffiti tools and pliers. The result of this creative process is a collection of design objects that are unique in their being entirely handmade. Finally, cooking in the oven hardens the material and the object acquires transparency resistance characteristics of a higher level than other types of glass and processing.

Pietro Viero


Myver is a hand-blown glass workshop created by Pietro Viero Master Glassmaker. After twenty years of experience in artisan workshops, since 2000 he has continued research and experimentation at his workshop in Colceresa - Loc. Molvena (VI). Over the years he has developed an increasingly minimal style while continuing to explore new techniques and materials. His surprising creative ability has allowed him to collaborate with national and international companies and designers, managing to satisfy their needs without losing the distinctive trait of his craftsmanship. Dialogue is the common thread of his totally handmade production, thanks to a process that allows customization on every single piece. The customizations are of his design and have the ability to perfectly meet the tastes and needs of the customer. In the hands of Pietro Viero, craftsmanship is manifested through exclusive art and design objects, which emerge from the status quo of the contemporary market. Myver's mission is summed up in the choice of bringing together an ancient traditional technique and contemporary design, in a collection of innovative and unique blown glass creations in their refined simplicity.